Enkindle 0I is a minimalist audio & lighting device that uses piezo-based drum pads to trigger custom light patterns and audio samples. Plug in a neopixel LED strip, and in light mode you can toggle between different light patterns.  In audio mode, hit each of the pads to trigger a different audio sample.  This device is the perfect tool for the minimalist performer who wants to add some unique visual elements to their performance and trigger audio samples without the need of a computer, featuring a simple and sleek interface, and a small form-factor that can fit into your purse. 
Design Goals 
The EK01 is a simple solution for the increasing expectation for live music performers to integrate electronics and lights into their live performances.  This small, portable tool allows drummers (or any performer) to trigger three different audio samples and three light patterns without fail.
The neutral, tri-tone appearance is reminiscent of a Braun of the past, reflecting the simplicity of the object.  Its small form-factor and portability is inspired by the more recent Korg Volca series, allowing users to bring and pack this device in nearly any space.
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