November 2018
PERIMETER is an interactive audio installation that premiered at Ableton Loop 2018 in Los Angeles, CA.  It uses the space in Downtown Hollywood (where the festival took place) to tell a story of 'life on the perimeter' via six anecdotal audio compositions & short interviews (via accompanying QR codes) with individuals who grew up by, or are currently living on a border.  The six systems placed strategically around the Loop campus were interactive, and triggered only when someone walked by it or was standing in front of it, giving festival attendees an exciting audio experience as they walked in between venues.  More info on the audio content and concept can be found here.
Ableton Loop 
Los Angeles, CA 
System Locations During Loop 2018
Technology Used:
Ultrasonic Sensor
> Arudino UNO 
> Arduino IDE
> Pure Data
>powered by Raspberry Pi
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