Perimeter:  interactive audio installation
Los Angeles, CA 2018
PERIMETER is an interactive created for Ableton Loop Summit for Music Makers by Angelica Tavella & Alexia Riner.  It is a specialized system that uses motion sensors to trigger audio for as long as someone is standing in front of it, and was discreetly placed on palm trees throughout the Loop Hollywood “campus” on Nov 8-11, 2018. Triggered by ultrasonic sensors, six instances placed throughout the Loop zone will play a piece of audio inspired by the experiences of individuals who grew up by, or are currently living on a border.  More info on the audio content and concept can be found here.
System Locations During Loop 2018
Technology Used:
Ultrasonic Sensor
> Arudino UNO 
> Arduino IDE
> Pure Data
>powered by Raspberry Pi
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