Shapeshifter 0I serves as a multifunctional case and stand for the EK01 instrument.  Remove the lid and fold down the arms to  access the EK01 at your preferred angle.  When not in use, it serves as a protective case for transport by hand.
Design Goals
The SS01 was designed to serve two functions: allow the user to place or mount the EK01 instrument anywhere and enable easy and secure transport of the instrument.  As a result, this object features a secure wood body to cradle the EK01, and two arms that can be loosened for angle adjustment, and tightened for secure placement. 
The appearance follows the neutral and nostalgic suit of its host EK01, with a light Baltic Birch body, and ivory lid, arms, and knobs made from PLA.  Its transportable form is sleek and unobtrusive, but also reminiscent of earlier audio applications such as the first portable radios. 
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