What is an Upgrade Kit?
The Push Upgrade Kit is used to convert your Push 3 without a processor into a standalone instrument. With the standalone components installed, your Push will be exactly the same as a Push bought with a processor.
Learn more at Ableton's website.
Push Upgrade Kit Tutorial Video Credits
Conceived and developed by Angelica Tavella, scripted and Performed by Barbara Bencze, voiceover by Tina Marie Serra, music by Ray Wassef, directed, Shot, Edited, and Produced by Ray Wassef

Push is an electronic musical instrument that can be purchased either as a standalone device or ‘thethered’ (meaning it is controlled by a computer). Ableton created this Upgrade Kit so that users could upgrade their own device to standalone at any time, and so that individual parts can be replaced in the future to improve the sustainability and longevity of the product.
This was an extensive project that I worked on for three years, during which time I did UX design, project management for the release and production, and contributed to industrial design. Feel free to ask me for more details. :) 

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